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D&C 111 – 114

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
D&C 111 - 114

In this week’s Deep Dive, Jason and Nate look at D&C 111 – 114. In D&C 111, Joseph Smith and company receive a revelation regarding their trip to Salem, Massachusetts. The reason for their journey was to find treasure in order to help the church pay off it’s debts. Jason and Nate explore the context of this event in respect to early American History. This is shortly after the golden age of pirates and there was a treasure seeking mania along the east coast that followed suite. People still seek buried treasure today in the sense of always been on the lookout for shortcuts. Get rich quick, lose weight fast, find happiness now are all common taglines for seeking modern treasure.

Jason and Nate also dive into council given to Thomas B. Marsh in D&C 112. They examine some questions about the words of Isaiah in section 113. Finally, they wrap up this episode by talking about a potent verse in 114 cautioning us from overestimating our role. The train is moving forward whether we are on it or not is up to us. Thanks for listening to this weeks dive into D&C 111 – 114!

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