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D&C 81 – 83

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
D&C 81 - 83

Before diving into D&C 81 – 83, Jason revisits the Testament of Adam. This is in reference to D&C 76 where God states that he will make men Gods. After that walk-through, Jason and Nate take us to section 81. Here we see an example of a talent taken from one person and gifted to another. This section also gives us some perspective to names removed from the Book of Life.

Moving into section 82, God speaks about forgiveness laying out specific conditions. Jason and Nate explore what it means to be forgiven and what it means to have your previous sins still count. God also uses a powerful phrase saying “That it may turn to you for your salvation.” This takes Jason and Nate on an adventure into the Garden of Eden. The feeling is, God did not create a plan that depended on our failure. Rather, God sanctifies our failure for our benefit and turns things for our salvation.

The Lord makes an interesting statement, binding himself on conditions of our obedience. This takes us to look at Abraham and the covenant he established with God. In this section, we also see made up names. The names are fictional and not revealed from God. However, it does illuminate to us the original Gollum!

Last, but certainly not least, what it means to have a stake of Zion along with what it means for Zion to put on her beautiful garments. If there was more time, we could have examined section 83 in respect to caring for the orphans and widows. This has always been extremely important to God as seen from the Old Testament and throughout the New Testament.

Thank you all for listening as we dove through D&C 81 – 83, we hope you enjoyed the journey! Feel free to reach out to us: hi@weeklydeepdive.com.

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