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Genesis 12 – 17; Abraham 1 -2

Weekly Deep Dive
Genesis 12 - 17; Abraham 1 -2

What it means to cut a covenant. Yada – to know, also covenant language. Abraham as a kid. Abraham’s life as a type of Israel. The significance of Sarah. Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah. Lot and Abraham. Abraham goes to war. Marriage contract in the ancient world.

2 responses on "Genesis 12 - 17; Abraham 1 -2"

  1. Speaking to your comments on eat, drink, and die. Living the gospel is a race of endurance. We may pass milestones or markers but the race is not yet finished. Just like the tortoise and the hare. You see how ahead you are and decide it’s okay to slack off. Perhaps this parallels the idea of being born again. Even though we may be baptized or sealed in the temple, that does not give us carte blanche to act how we will thinking we have been saved and are now exempt from further consequences. Great podcast as always.

    • I love the thoughts! It reminds me of those YouTube videos you see when someone celebrates too early and ends up losing the race because second place was coming up hard on them. Thanks for listening to the show and thanks for your comment!

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