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Hosea and Joel

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
Hosea and Joel

Did Hosea marry a prostitute? Why are some themes so repetitive? Lions among God’s people. The Lord’s restoration, atonement and love.

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  1. Hi, I was in your class last week obviously disturbed by this idea that it is so redly accepted in so many other religions and sermons on this that Gomer was real was a prostitute and did cheat on the prophet Hosea. The problem is,for me at least, the only time that Gomer’s name is used is in that very first commandment to marry her, it seems strange to me that we can come from recently studying Isaiah… there, almost everything is allegorical… the imagery is so entrenched in the way it is related as to make it almost imperceptible as to when it is meant to be imagery vs actual history…commandment…etc. Long story short, I did find this in the end thought I would share it with you love your podcast. Love you teaching. Thank you so much Celine Morton.

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