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Jonah and Micah

Weekly Deep Dive
Jonah and Micah

Jonah is such an incredible story rich with symbolism, imperfections, and entertainment. We talk about Jonah as a symbol of Christ. Micah is a perfect pairing to talk about the message of Jonah as we look at the symbolism of Judah’s labor and delivery in Micah 4.

2 responses on "Jonah and Micah"

  1. I’ve been listening for a year now, you guys are phenomenal.

    I really enjoy your unique perspective!

    This episode and the thought that maybe Jonah was literally in sheol was eye opening.

    • Mark, thanks for your feedback and for listening to the show! I love hearing specific things that you find interesting. The scriptures continue to amaze me everyday and I can’t wait to share what I learn with our listeners, so hearing feedback like this makes it feel like we connected on some of that insight.

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