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Matthew 4 & Luke 4 – 5

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
Matthew 4 & Luke 4 - 5

The significance of Christ being tempted 40 days. What can we learn from Christ’s missing childhood in the gospel accounts? The importance of removing distractions. Paradigm shift on old wine.

1 responses on "Matthew 4 & Luke 4 - 5"

  1. Hey guys, great job on this week’s podcast! I think you guys do a good job on every podcast, but there was so much to cover this week. It was pretty cool how you did it! I really liked hearing about your dream Jason. That would be pretty wild having an experience like you had where you talked with Christ and also with Satan. I’m sure that experience helped you strengthen your testimony. I also enjoyed hearing Nate’s take on why Christ told people not to tell others when he healed them. I honestly have no idea why he said to tell people at times and he told people not to tell anyone at other times. I agree with you guys, I think having the experience Christ had when he was tempted by Satan might have something to do with that. It’s easy to think Christ was perfect, which he was, but it’s also easy to forget that Christ was also part human and you can see those human tendencies that he had to deal with, but he did so remarkably well. Again, great job guys and stay humble 😊

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