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Matthew 8; Mark 2-4; Luke 7

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
Matthew 8; Mark 2-4; Luke 7

Why did Jesus command the leper to tell no one? Coming to Christ to be healed. The nature of the Centurion. Who does Christ explain parables to? The parable of the Sower. Master, the tempest is raging.

5 responses on "Matthew 8; Mark 2-4; Luke 7"

  1. In Mark 4:38 the Apostles do ask him “Master carest thou not that we perish?” I don’t think he answers in anger, but more of as a tired parent would answer the silly questions of a child who doesn’t understand.
    I hope my thoughts make sense. Thank you for your insights.

    • Makes perfect sense. Thanks for pointing this verse out to me, I’m glad you found it and I’m sorry I missed it. It’s a profound question that underscores their lack of understanding of why Christ had come. To me, that would better explain his response then had they simply asked him to save them.

  2. You mentioned that in the hymn “Master the Tempest is Raging” that the phrase “carest thou not that we perish?’ doesn’t match the scripture account. This may be because the writer of the song wasn’t quoting scripture here but her own feelings and experience. She lost her parents and her brother to tuberculosis. She was probably wondering if God even cared that they had died and the hurt that it caused. You can read more about the hymn here:


    • Thank you!!! This context helps a lot. It’s such a beautiful song and that adds even more depth and volume to it. I appreciate you sharing this. Also, some how I missed it. It was in the reading, and it was even marked in my scriptures, thanks Amanda for pointing this out, Mark 4:38 “Master, carest though not that we perish?”

  3. Your comments regarding Matthew 8:2 and the suggestion that we seek the Lord for miracles reminded me of priesthood instructions given to me when I was ordained an Elder, that people should approach me if they wanted a priesthood blessing because this would be an exercise of their faith rather than me offering to give blessings.

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