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Matthew 15 – 17; Mark 7 – 9

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
Matthew 15 - 17; Mark 7 - 9

What is korban? Substituting laws with traditions. The Canaanite woman. Whom sayest thou that I am? Petros vs Petra. Transfiguration.

2 responses on "Matthew 15 - 17; Mark 7 - 9"

  1. The most difficult thing for me in life- is understanding how to ask for what I need, but saying “Thy will be done” knowing that I probably won’t get it. So sometimes I wonder why I’m asking. And where does faith fit in to all of that? Should you exert faith when it might not happen, and where does that leave you??? And it’s extremely hard not having control over the situation. Perhaps that is the point, but whew, that is a super hard one.
    Thanks for the podcast this week, it was really well-done.

  2. The whole idea with Corbin is that God never gave them instructions to do such a thing. It is no comparison to Abraham or Nephi. They had established a tradition that you didn’t need the atonement because you can buy your way into heaven.

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