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Pesach (Easter) 2023

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
Pesach (Easter) 2023

The events of leading up to the atonement of Jesus Christ. Ancient testimonies of the atonement of Jesus Christ. New testimonies to the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

3 responses on "Pesach (Easter) 2023"

  1. I had a practicing Jewish family living next to me 4 years ago.

    They did not sacrifice a lamb and put its blood on their door posts.

    They did prepare a lamb with bitter herbs.

    They put red yarn around their door as a symbol for the blood.

    Not saying this is the common practice but that is what her whole family did.

  2. Thanks for another amazing episode!

    I always listen but don’t always have the time to thank you.

    You guys are amazing!

  3. Thank you for sharing your testimony, Jason! Loved the episode! And I laughed out loud with Nate’s reaction to the President Nelson’s part of his talk and I did it, too! Hahaha! Thank you guys! You both enlighten my soul!

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