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D&C 102 – 105

In this week’s dive of D&C 102 – 105 we first answer a question, “What does it mean by God’s …

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D&C 98 – 101

This week’s dive into D&C 98 – 101 explores God’s sage advice for when things get really bad. Rejoice and …

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D&C 94 – 97

D&C 94 – 97 starts off with specific dimensions for the temple. Jason and Nate explore these specific dimensions in …

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D&C 85 – 87

Before diving into D&C 85 – 87, Jason hits ministering of angels from D&C 84. Diving into this section, D&C …

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D&C 81 – 83

Before diving into D&C 81 – 83, Jason revisits the Testament of Adam. This is in reference to D&C 76 …

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D&C 71 – 75

In this weeks deep dive of D&C 71 - 75, Jason and 'Titanium' Nate take us on a tour of late 1831 and early 1832. First, Ezra Booth writes a series of letters that culminates in one of the darkest moments for the prophet in church history. Because of these letters, the early church struggles to find traction in wake of the opposition. Also, God commands Joseph and Sidney to set aside the translation and work to contain the damage. There are a few gems in these commandments. One of which is, the principle of accountability. The idea that returning and reporting is not just for time but also eternity. Jason and Nate explore time as a talent in the parable of talents. The nugget of knowledge is power is also in these revelations.

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