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No Shortcuts



Proverbs & Ecclesiates

Jason and Nate tackle Solomon’s words of wisdom. Wisdom personified as a woman, as well as foolishness personified as a …

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Genesis 3 – 4

Jason and Nate dive into Genesis 3 – 4. They discuss the fall of Satan preceding the fall of Adam …

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It makes sense for many schools and online learning platforms to devote their time and resources into those core courses and curriculum that are in most demand. As a result, this strategy gives them the biggest bang for their dollar and ensures a steady stream of traffic. However, Add On Education is different, and the best way to describe it is like a journey. We most importantly seek to add on to core learning additional courses, insights and perspective not found anywhere else. As such, we feel like it's like a journey to unique discoveries. To sum up, we feel what we have to offer is learning that's worth the journey.
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