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Matthew 27; Mark 15; Luke 23; John 19

Witnesses to the atonement – biased, hostile, and independent. An unfair trial. Who shall I send? The slow grind that …

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JS Matthew 1; Matthew 24 – 25; Mark 12 – 13; Luke 21

Stand in the Holy Place. Key to understanding Matthew 24. Ten virgins. Parable of the talents. Sheep and Goats.

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John 1

Come and see. The Word made flesh. John the Baptist was a great prophet. Jesus’ invitation to come and see. …

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D&C 51 – 57

Jason and Nate journey into the meaning of the center place. Along the way, they talk about the sacred center in Near Eastern and Greek religion. They explore paradise restored through the temple. Jason builds on the idea pointing out that any point is essentially the center of a sphere and how the universe does center around us. Jason then explores how do we make sure our sacred center is placed on the right point of emphasis. Nate makes some powerful connections to creation and us as God's children.

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It makes sense for many schools and online learning platforms to devote their time and resources into those core courses and curriculum that are in most demand. As a result, this strategy gives them the biggest bang for their dollar and ensures a steady stream of traffic. However, Add On Education is different, and the best way to describe it is like a journey. We most importantly seek to add on to core learning additional courses, insights and perspective not found anywhere else. As such, we feel like it's like a journey to unique discoveries. To sum up, we feel what we have to offer is learning that's worth the journey.
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