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D&C 85 – 87

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
D&C 85 - 87

Before diving into D&C 85 – 87, Jason hits ministering of angels from D&C 84. Diving into this section, D&C 85 is the main focus. First, we see another example of the impact studying the scriptures had on Joseph Smith receiving revelation. We look at Ezra 2 and the impact record keeping had on a much earlier restoration. Then we see how Joseph Smith learns and applies these lessons to the restoration in his dispensation.

Also, as part of this revelation, Joseph Smith describes a being with a scepter and clothed with light. Jason and Nate examine the significance of being clothed in light and having a scepter in terms of restoration and atonement. Following this discussion, they journey into the story of steadying the ark. Who was Uzzah and why did God kill him for doing a seemingly good thing? Do we try and steady the ark today?

Next, Joseph Smith make a chilling statement in his letter. Do we fall short of our own expectations? Will there be those that think they should stand actually fall?

Afterwards, Jason and Nate look at section 86 and the wheat and the tares and an interesting message God leaves at the end of the revelation. Finally, Jason and Nate visit D&C 87 which contains Joseph Smith’s prophecy regarding the Civil War and subsequent wars with nations.

Thanks for listening to the Weekly Deep Dive’s journey through the Come Follow Me section, D&C 85 – 87!

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