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D&C 94 – 97

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
D&C 94 - 97

D&C 94 – 97 starts off with specific dimensions for the temple. Jason and Nate explore these specific dimensions in context of God giving us specific directions and asking for exact obedience. What does God give us more latitude on some commandments but require strict obedience in others? After that, Jason and Nate discuss holiness through separation. Temples are a prominent feature throughout the discussion.

Next, Jason points out some cool connections between Israelites and LDS as Israelites. Following that, Jason and Nate look at why the Lord requires hard things from His people. Finally, this podcast concludes looking at the grievous sin of walking in dark at noon-day.

Thanks for listening to this week’s dive of D&C 94 – 97!

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