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Genesis 18 – 23

Abraham and Isaac
Weekly Deep Dive
Genesis 18 - 23

What does it mean to walk before the Lord? The significance of laughing in the story of Isaac. Symbolism in the story of Abraham. The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.

1 responses on "Genesis 18 - 23"

  1. Speaking to the discussion of Abraham leading a godly life or a selfless one. This appears to be in stark contrast to what I’ve long considered to be the only sin: pride. Pride in my mind is putting oneself first, whether that be before others or God, through our actions, thinking we know better, etc.
    During your discussion with the temple and veils in relation to Sarah being in the inner chambers of the temple symbolizing womens’ closeness with God, my wife pointed out that if a man needs to visit with God often he goes up to a mountain or some form of travel. But with our limited examples with the women, it is usually the Lord who appears to them wherever they may be.

    Great podcast as always.

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