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Genesis 37 – 41

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
Genesis 37 - 41

Dinah and Shechem. Did God love Jacob and hate Esau? Joseph and his brothers. The symbolism of Joseph. Judah and Tamar. Joseph in Egypt.

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  1. I’m enjoying your podcasts! Thank you for producing them!

    I have two questions for you guys. 1. Do you do transcripts of your shows that I can get access to? 2. Would you be open to doing a brief interview for a Facebook group at which I am an Admin, Come, Follow Me Principle Challenge (@ 8,500 members and growing) and its associated site, Come, Follow me Live?

    We’d love to have you on the show, and you’ll also have a chance to pitch your podcast, so it would be mutually beneficial. Please let me know. We like to do the interviews on Sunday evenings.

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