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Jeremiah Part 2

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
Jeremiah Part 2

Jason and Nate start off talking about comments on the website and an awesome question about Isaiah. This episode explores what it means to be lifted up by God. What does it mean to cause your own dreams and make your own prophecies? The permanence of Israel in the face of the destruction of all it’s enemies. Being tread as grapes. The message of hope in Jeremiah.

2 responses on "Jeremiah Part 2"

  1. Where is the quote from Issac newton which was used in Isaiah 13 podcast

    • “The worship which is due to this God we are to give to no other nor to ascribe anything absurd or contradictious to his nature or actions lest we be found to blaspheme him or to deny him or to make a step towards atheism or irreligion. . . . For as often as mankind has swerved from them, God has made a reformation. When the sons of Adam erred and the thoughts of their heart became evil continually, God selected Noah to people a new world. And when the posterity of Noah transgressed and began to invoke dead men, God selected Abraham and his posterity. And when they transgressed in Egypt God reformed them by Moses. And when they relapsed to idolatry and immorality, God sent Prophets to reform them and punished them by the Babylonian captivity. And when they that returned from captivity, mixed human inventions with the law of Moses under the name of traditions, and laid the stress of religion not upon the acts of the mind, but upon outward acts and ceremonies, God sent Christ to reform them. And when the nation received him not, God called the Gentiles. And now the Gentiles have corrupted themselves, we may expect that God in due time will make a new reformation. And in all the reformations of religion hitherto made, the religion in respect of God and our neighbor is one and the same religion . . . so that this is the oldest religion in the world.” Isaac Newton, Irenicum, 35; spelling and punctuation modernized.
      “So then the mystery of this restitution of all things is to be found in all the Prophets: which makes me wonder with great admiration that so few Christians of our age can find it there.” Yahuda MS 6, folio 12, cited in Frank E. Manuel, The Religion of Isaac Newton (Oxford: Clarendon, 1974), 126.
      For a more comprehensive reading on Newton, see A Brief Survey of Sir Isaac Netwon’s Views on Religion

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