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Matthew 11 – 12; Luke 11

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
Matthew 11 - 12; Luke 11

Take my yoke upon you. What it means to follow Jesus. Only through Christ do we have access to the Father. Why Jonas and Solomon? Beelzebub.

1 responses on "Matthew 11 - 12; Luke 11"

  1. This was a thought -provoking podcast and I appreciate your efforts in sharing your insight. I have especially thought about carrying light, as in the light/word/power of Christ, in relation to the oxen being yoked, both in the temple imagery and in regard to the very purpose of an oxen is to work and carry. Thank you! (I found a good cross reference to Matt 11:28-30 with 1 Nephi 14:14).

    Now for my request: in talking about signs/seeking signs, I’d love to know your insight from this angle: kids heading off to university studies. Some well-meaning people might discourage university studies because of the tendency to come out of such training desensitized/jaded to spiritual thought/faith. The “signs” in University training might be more tangible. I don’t exactly have a question as much as a wish to hear your perspective.

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