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Matthew 13; Luke 8, 13

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
Matthew 13; Luke 8, 13

Parables. What are the words of the Bible, and how different perspectives bring us a more full understanding. The parable of the wheat and the tares. The parable of fig tree in a vineyard. The importance of needing Christ. The mustard seed. The leaven in the dough.

Here is the link to the TED talk referenced in today’s episode:

2 responses on "Matthew 13; Luke 8, 13"

  1. Another great episode! Keep up the “Gospel.”

    Get IT?

  2. Love the background on the Galileans and paying taxes.

    Great job on the anti-communist Jesus, I agree completely and really enjoy the way you explained it.

    To the point that we shouldn’t argue with people I love a quote from one of the first Christian reformers, Erasmus. He was alive when they literally burned people alive for being reformers, he said:

    It takes no great effort to burn a little man, but it’s a great achievement if you can persuade him.

    -Desiderius Erasmus

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