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Matthew 1 and Luke 1

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
Matthew 1 and Luke 1

Lessons learned from the genealogy in Matthew 1. Names get left out and names get added in. The significance of outsiders. Man cannot frustrate God’s work. External symbols of Christ. Zachariah and Elizabeth. Mary and Joseph.

4 responses on "Matthew 1 and Luke 1"

  1. Thanks again today for another great podcast!!!


  2. It’s hard to define what your best podcast is, like defining greatest guitar player or song.
    This episode is in the top for sure.
    Loved the way you explained and validated the 3rd set of 14 generations, (not the assumption that only 13 are listed)
    through researching and informing us of the discovery of the Hebrew text of Matthew you resolved that puzzle. Indeed patience resolved the stumbling block! One should also consider Matthew was a Publican so would be well versed and educated in numbers and accounting. So not likely to have made that mistake in addition without a purpose.
    And yes …. your inclusion of the narrative on Ceasar is why many of us tune in and love your podcasts.
    Expect the unexpected!
    As mentioned in the “responsible for our own learning” podcast, regarding Veruka Salt “we want more, and we want it now”.
    Luckily, we can listen again and again while awaiting the next issue. Bonus is I pick up something new or get additional thoughts every time.
    Jason and Nate, keep up the worthwhile work of spreading the Word with accepted Doctrine and some takes that truly do take us on a deep dive. May God bless you and yours in all you do

  3. I really appreciate it your discussion around patterns and how the Lord uses patterns to help us to prepare for our future. I think it gives credit to the notion that God is unchanging. During your discussion about the miracles of Christ and how many of the things that he did were nothing new, I was reminded of a similar message from Tad R. Callister, in his book The Infinite Atonement. In it he discusses the 3 Ms of Christ’s life: miracles, ministry, and mission. With the exception of his mission, Christ’s message and miracles are something that has been repeated previously as was reinforced by your discussion, specifically when referencing raising others from the dead. But other areas also include providing food to those that did not have any, healing ailments and sicknesses, and delivering a divine message.

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