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What was the first nation to be destroyed – men, women, and children – for Israel to be established as …

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Exodus 18 – 20

Moses reunites with his family. Jethro’s advice to Moses. God creating boundaries. Sanctify yourselves and make yourselves clean. The ten …

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Exodus 14 – 18

Redeeming the firstborn through sacrifice. The east wind. Wisdom of God appears to be foolishness to man. The miracle being …

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Exodus 1 – 6

Running away verses running towards. Midwives and the potter’s wheel. Moses saved in the ark. The name of Moses. The …

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D&C 84

This dive through D&C 84 starts off asking the question, “how can God call a man who killed someone to …

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Learning that’s worth the journey

It makes sense for many schools and online learning platforms to devote their time and resources into those core courses and curriculum that are in most demand. As a result, this strategy gives them the biggest bang for their dollar and ensures a steady stream of traffic. However, Add On Education is different, and the best way to describe it is like a journey. We most importantly seek to add on to core learning additional courses, insights and perspective not found anywhere else. As such, we feel like it's like a journey to unique discoveries. To sum up, we feel what we have to offer is learning that's worth the journey.

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