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Matthew 8; Mark 2-4; Luke 7

Why did Jesus command the leper to tell no one? Coming to Christ to be healed. The nature of the …

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Exodus 14 – 18

Redeeming the firstborn through sacrifice. The east wind. Wisdom of God appears to be foolishness to man. The miracle being …

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D&C 63

This episode dives into D&C 63. Nate introduces this episode with an interesting version of "Give Said the Little Stream," as a tribute to primary. Jason takes a quick detour to go back to D&C 61 and examine the land cursed by God in the beginning and blessed by God in the end. He also explores God cursing the waters in the last days. Transitioning into D&C 63 this episode covers signs. Jason examines when they are appropriate as defined in D&C 63. Jason brings up stories about signs sought for and given throughout scripture to provide context for the discussion. Finally, this episode wraps up by an interesting discussion on what it means to take the Lord's name in vain.

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