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JS Matthew 1; Matthew 24 – 25; Mark 12 – 13; Luke 21

Weekly Deep Dive
Weekly Deep Dive
JS Matthew 1; Matthew 24 - 25; Mark 12 - 13; Luke 21

Stand in the Holy Place. Key to understanding Matthew 24. Ten virgins. Parable of the talents. Sheep and Goats.

2 responses on "JS Matthew 1; Matthew 24 - 25; Mark 12 - 13; Luke 21"

  1. Hey guys, great job!!! One thing about this week which I’m disagreeing on- and that is defining “the least of these”. I absolutely believe that is the sick father, the children and babies at home, the neighbor having surgery. Yes, it includes everyone- including people living on the street. However- we are put in our unique circumstances for reasons. And service and love HAS to be learned and grown at home, and in our close circles first. Otherwise we won’t know how to reach out farther. And in some ages and stages perhaps ALL we can do is help our children, spouse, parents…or maybe we can only deal with ourselves. So many circumstances!!! So we can’t be too myopic in that meaning!! But this is meant in a light way, because I really really REALLY enjoy you guys every monday!

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