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Weekly Deep Dive

This podcast is well described from a review of a listener:


Ever want to hang out with your old high school posse in the garage and talk about gospel insights?

Ever want to hear gospel stories no one else is talking about?

Ever want to hear tired gospel stories in a new light revitalizing your desire for study?

This is the podcast for you.”

The Weekly Deep Dive is hosted by Jason Lloyd and Nate Pyfer. It focuses on the Come Follow Me discussions from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Jason and Nate strive to bring a unique perspective to the discussion and talking points that are not traditionally part of the material to supplement the various discussions throughout the year.

The views presented in the podcast are not endorsed nor sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.



D&C 20 – 22

In this Come Follow Me podcast episode we dive into when a prophet is a prophet. Then we explore the value of the Book of Mormon and how to find value in the Book of Mormon. Finally, we talk about the difference between members of the church and the sanctified and what it means to be sanctified.

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D&C 18 – 19

In this Come Follow Me discussion we talk about how the Lord teaches the fundamentals by stressing the importance of …

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D&C 14 – 17

"Stand as a witness" In this episode we examine what a great and marvelous work means, a powerful statement Christ makes about who he is and what is role is in the last days, and how revelation can be so specific and individual yet general and apply to so many at the same time.

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D&C 12 – 13; JS-H 1:66 – 75

"Upon you my fellow servants" In this episode we will ask the question, if God could send anyone from anytime to restore the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood, why didn't he send Aaron and Melchizedek? Why send John the Baptist? We will take a look at the purpose of the priesthood here on earth.

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D&C 10 – 11

"That You May Come Off Conqueror." In this episode, we ask the question, was Martin Harris a wicked man? We explore why Jesus Christ compares himself to female animals rather than masculine and we journey to a different take on what it means to harvest a field that is white and already to harvest.

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D&C 6 – 9

"This is the Spirit of Revelation" In this episode, we cover how the word of God is like a two edged sword, a little more into the field is white and already to harvest, the revelation regarding John the apostle revealed in Doctrine and Covenants 7 and we will finish up talking about the gift of revelation and the interesting history of rods in early Church History.

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